Stuff We Like

Stuff We Like


Patton Bros Illustration & Design
Cool work by a good friend. He’s going to rip you off though, so work with me instead.

Inspiration Bit
Really cool site for stuff on web typography and design.


Takagi Masakatsu
Japanese video artist. His work really can’t be described, so head on over and check it out on his site.

Ed Knippers
(soon to be) Proud owner of one of his paintings. Sadly, not one of his 8′x12′ triptychs.

Joyce Tennseon
The photographer of your dreams.

Ultima Vez
Dance Troupe directed by Wim Vandekeybus. Craziest cool dancing you will not see on Dancing With the Stars.

Assorted Gems

Buy any shirt, $5 goes to a non-profit you choose at checkout. Sweet.

Fantastic restaurant and lounge in San Diego. Check them out on Tuesday for half price on any bottle of wine. The rumors are all true.
The only news source you will ever need.

Etsy Colors
Sure, you’ve heard of Etsy, but where else can you look for stuff to buy in such an incredibly specific and yet useless fashion?

The Violet Burning
Indie rock band from LA that never plays in LA. Curses.

Stuff We Like